Rappahannock Area Alcohol Safety Action Program

Restricted License Order

Restricted License Order


In the jurisdiction of the Rappahannock Area ASAP all courts issue the license order for restricted privileges in the court of jurisdiction.  Contact the clerk’s office to address requirements of the court for issuing this privilege.  The code of Virginia 18.2-271.1 section E defines what restricted privileges can be ordered by the court:


Restricted License Options:  (a) to and from work; (b) to and from ASAP/alcohol rehabilitation; (c) during the scope of work (if necessary for employment); (d) to and from school; (e) for transporting elderly parents or other authorized persons residing in the household to health care services; (f) to transport minor children to and from school, day care, or health care; (g) to and from court-ordered visitation with a minor child; (h) to a drug screening, evaluation, or education program; (i) to and from court appearances when subpoenaed as a witness or party; (j) to and from appointments with a probation officer or other court-ordered probationary programs.


      [Restricted licenses may not be issued to operate commercial motor vehicles.]


The restricted license order is subject to any other conditions, restrictions or revocations imposed by any court of competent jurisdiction or Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. IF YOUR LICENSE IS SUSUPENDED FOR OTHER REASONS, THE PRIVILEGES OF THE RESTRICTED LICENSE ORDER MAY BE VOID and the Department of Motor Vehicles may refuse to issue you a restricted license. 


It is important if you have a DUI 2nd or 3rd and have been issued a restricted license, the ignition interlock ordered must be installed and you must have licensed through DMV before you are eligible to drive on your restricted license order.


Amending a restricted license order at the clerk’s office does not stop the revocation from DMV being placed on your restricted order for the FR 44 insurance requirement and reinstatement fee due at DMV within 60 days of your conviction date.

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